Venture Capital

At Provision Capital, we are committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through our strategic venture capital investments. Our approach is designed to support high-growth startups and visionary entrepreneurs who are poised to reshape industries and enhance how we live and work.

Empowering Ethical Innovations, Shaping a Sustainable Future

Identifying Potential

We meticulously scout for promising startups with scalable business models, disruptive technology, and the potential to lead markets. Our focus is on sectors that align with our values and where we see long-term growth potential, including technology, healthcare, sustainable energy, and consumer goods.

Strategic Investment

Our investment philosophy is rooted in partnership. We provide more than capital; we offer our expertise, network, and resources to ensure our portfolio companies thrive. We engage with founders who are passionate about their vision and are committed to ethical practices and sustainability.

Support & Growth

Once a part of our portfolio, we actively work with companies to refine their strategies, scale their operations, and enhance their market position. Our team provides guidance on key business functions, including management, product development, marketing, and global expansion.

Long-Term Orientation

We are patient investors, committed to building value over time rather than seeking quick exits. Our goal is to see our portfolio companies become industry leaders that not only deliver exceptional returns but also contribute positively to society.

Submit Your Vision

if your startup is seeking investment and you believe in making a positive impact through your business, we want to hear from you.
How to Apply
Prepare Your Pitch
Ensure your pitch deck clearly outlines your business model, market potential, team, and how your company aligns with sustainability and ethical practices.
Submit Your Deck
Upload your pitch deck through our secure submission portal. Our investment team reviews submissions with a keen eye for potential partnerships that align with our values.
If your startup aligns with our investment strategy, one of our team members will reach out to discuss the next steps.
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