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At Provision Capital, we strive to invest in a way that creates a better world for all. When considering potential investments, we don't just look at the numbers - we also ensure that the commitments we make are in the best interests of all stakeholders. We hold ourselves to rigorous ethical and Islamic investing standards, striving to avoid usury and immoral industries. We research investments to examine how they earn returns from a commercial and ethical standpoint.



According to Islamic finance principles, risk must be shared between the investor and the client - investments where the investor profits regardless of the outcome are not permitted. As such, Provision Capital only takes on investment opportunities where we, not just the project, also bear a portion of the risk.

avoiding interest


We follow both ethical and Islamic investing standards, avoiding investment in socially detrimental activities (gambling, alcohol, adult material, tobacco, etc.) Provision Capital is driven by value-based investing, seeking out investments that create tangible value for all parties involved.

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